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Terms & Conditions

*Please be sure to read and understand before applying. This agreement is subject to change without notice.

・The design is subject to change.

・We may use foreign foods that are not food certified in Japan. I will explain this in class.

・Since this is a class where we will introduce how to make it, please eat at your own risk.

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, the school will not be held responsible.


・If you run a classroom in the same industry, please be sure to specify the name of the classroom on the application form.

(Failure to do so may result in refusal to attend.)

・Please enter the room from 10 minutes before.

・Please note that if you are late, the class will start without waiting for your arrival.

・Please leave the room as soon as possible after the class is over.

・The scheduled end time may be exceeded. Please allow plenty of time for your schedule.


・After applying, if payment is not confirmed even after the deadline for payment of the tuition fee, and if you do not respond to contact from us, future enrollment will be refused. Please note that we will.


・Please manage your belongings by yourself. The school will not be held responsible for any theft or loss.

​・Since there are no facilities for safe waiting for small children, we do not allow children to accompany them.

・If it is unavoidable to cancel the class   due to the weather or the instructor's physical condition, we will consult with you about a transfer schedule. The tuition fee will be refunded by bank transfer only if the transfer is not possible.

Please note that we cannot compensate for transportation and accommodation expenses incurred due to class cancellations and transfer.

◆Please refrain from the following acts (If we judge that you cannot follow these rules, we will refuse your participation.)

・ Conduct classes using Yuyu's designs, texts, and recipes as they are.

​We may call you if we find out.

・Video shooting (You can take pictures, but please refrain from posting the procedure on SNS etc.)


・Acts that disturb other students

・Other manner violations

・ ​ touching exhibits in the classroom, including samples


・Cancellation of installment payment

(If there is a violation, we will take appropriate measures and will refuse to participate in any future classes.)


About reservation

Due to preparations, online reservations for regular workshops are accepted up to 3 days before the opening date.

(Private lessons up to 1 week in advance)

For reservations after that, please contact us from the inquiry form.

◆ Cancellation

For WS and master classes, private classes can be canceled up to one week before the event.

Cancellations after that time will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the tuition fee.

*We cannot accept cancellations after applying for the Master Course.

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