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Courses At a Glance
​ class list
Small group with a maximum of 3 people
​Slow, relaxing, polite lessons
I am careful.

Master Class

1:1  Macaron Master Class

​Not currently recruiting.

We pursued the ease of making at home by eliminating the difficult macaronage and the time-consuming drying process.A macaron recipe that can be made in any season and once mastered, will last a lifetime.

This is a one-on-one class of "The lesson is until you can make it at home".


Bespoke lesson plans

Made-to-order lesson

​Not currently recruiting.

The content you want to learn at a time that suits your lifestyle.If you would like a lesson that is not on the class list, please use this.After listening to your needs and consulting with you, we will propose a special lesson plan just for you.


Master Course

the  gift

​Not currently recruiting.

For those who are new to sugar decoration

It's a master course.

First of all, slowly decorating with the goal of "be able to give as a gift"Let's enjoy

名称未設定のコピーのコピーのコピーのコピー (1).png


Valentine's Day limited workshop

​Not currently recruiting.

​ [Limited to 2 days]

Build an edible macaron tower!

​To your loved ones, friends, and colleagues♡

if you hand it over

Wow ♡ There is no doubt that it will be exciting ♩


Master Course

the enchanted

​Not currently recruiting.

This is a master course for those who have completed THE GIFT course (or the content equivalent to the basic course at Yuyu's Cake Academy).

​Use the knowledge you have acquired so far to level upwith the content​ Let's enjoy continuing and improving sugar decoration.

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