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Bespoke lesson plans

Custom-made lesson - ​ with whatever content you want, when you want

At Yuyu's Cake Academy

We offer tailor-made lessons.

If you would like something that is not on the class list,

Please use this.

​ "What you want to learn at the time you want to learn

Not offered as a lesson

“I live far away and can’t visit often.”

​ "I want to match the timing of my homecoming"

"I want to learn only what I need now"

"I want to learn without worrying about the pace around me"

Etc. Any request Please let us know.

to suit the student's lifestyle

So that you can enjoy sugar decoration

I will suggest the contents of the lesson.

Magical birdcage cookie​set


pansy cupcakes

◆Course fee◆


¥7,000/1h (per person)

+1 person (participation by 2 people)

80% of the tuition fee/person

 +When accompanied by 2 people (participation by 3 people)

60% of the course fee/person 

+3 people (participation by 4 people)

50% of the course fee/person ​

​*Capacity varies depending on content.

*Because it will be a completely original curriculum

Please note that we are unable to invite you to accompany us.

◆Plan example◆

・The basics of royal icing: 3 hours

・Magic birdcage icing cookie: 3 hours

・Macarons (+ ¥2,000 for tools): 2 hours

・Layer cake (not including baking): From 3 hours *Varies depending on design

・Pansy cupcakes: 2 hours

・Dummy cake covering: 2 hours

​・Privately available for all 4 master courses. Please contact us.

・Lessons about classroom management system management:accept.Please contact us.

*The above is an example.

Requests such as "including baking"

Proposals that match your combination and budget

Plan freely.

◆Application process◆

Custom-made lessons depend on the content

Price/time requiredwill change.

counseling formPlease feel free to contact us with your request.

We will contact you with a proposal within 3 business days.

After consultation, we will proceed with lesson planning.

If you agree, please transfer the tuition fee.

*The required time may vary depending on the work speed of the student.

Please note that refunds will not be given due to early termination.
* Payment method: bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)
*Reservations for made-to-order lessons will be accepted up to one week in advance due to the availability of materials.

*It is possible to change the course date, but due to the availability of materials

A transfer fee of ¥2,000 (excluding tax) will be charged if you contact us the day before.
*We will prepare boxes and bags for take-out.

*We cannot accept requests for works by other artists.

*We will charge a 100% cancellation fee from 1 week in advance due to the arrangement of materials.

*Regarding the Academy TermsherePlease refer to.

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